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Why Us


I. The equipment quality is unstable. In the production process, there will even be static sparks, which could cause fire, explosion or accidents.
II. One equipment can only carry out one step in the process, which means product need to be transferred to another equipment when entering the next step. So in the process of transfer, it is likely to cause the secondary pollution of products, and the continuity of production will be influenced, which leads to failure to achieve expected production capacity.
III. The equipment used lacks of high airtight, and there are even some leaking phenomena. When inflammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive medium is used, there could be lots of risks, and the equipment is not safe and environmental.
IV. The inappropriate design of the driving system and sealing system in the equipment could bring out lack of high vacuum and need very long drying time, and products could even be polluted by foreign matter from the driving system and sealing system.
V. The after-sale service of the equipment is not professional with long installation and commissioning time, and can’t provide professional guidance and training for users.

Brand Strength

Focus on developing and manufacturing drying equipment for the fine chemical industry for 40 years
Focus on developing and manufacturing drying equipment for the fine chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry for 40 years, accounting for over 32% market share; the first supplier for pharmaceutical giants in the world; 90% clients are listed companies, and 50%-60% are foreign enterprises, including over 30 companies listed in the World Top 500; services cover the whole nation and other more than 30 countries and regions in the world

Professional Strength

The company has a lot of technical support teams
Focus on developing and manufacturing drying equipment for the fine chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry for 40 years, in this type of devices, the largest and smallest ones in the country are all produced by Zhanghua; we have 23 technical engineers, six national patents and more than 30 honorary qualifications; meet the requirements of USA FDA and the new GMP; rich manufacturing experience of corrosion-resistance materials and special materials (Hastelloy, Halar Spray, Titanium lined, PO lined, PE lined, etc.)
Our technical team is composed of quality assurance engineers, process engineers, equipment engineers, welding engineers and electrical engineers, and most of them have working experience and engineering project experience for over ten years.

Product Strength

Safe, Environmentally Friendly, High Quality
Safe: closed production process, explosion-proof, poison-proof, to avoid personal injuries;
Environmentally Friendly: Equipment of Zhanghua meets the manufacturing requirements of USA FDA and GMP, and it is convenient to process exhaust gas, water and other solid wastes;
High Quality: thanks to the fully closed operation, products impossibly get in touch with extraneous sources, which guarantees the high quality of products.

Service Promise

Lifetime After-sales Service, Free Technical Guidance
We provide lifetime after-sales service. When you meet with technical problems, we will provide free technical guidance.
We will send you technicians for on-site service within 24 hours after receiving your calls.