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Working principle
Turn barrel to the horizontal position after feeding. At the same time, put refrigerant into jacket and internal heat conduction plate. Due to the direct contact between the heat plate and materials, heat exchange is uniform and fast, which not only improves the purity of materials, but also decrease the exchanging time and improve the productivity. After crystallization, switch on and rotate the equipment in 360°. Materials will be off from the barrel. Prepare for the next step to extract supernatant. The vacuum head is downward when you extract. After this step, adjust vacuum head upward. At the same time, switch on and rotate the equipment to make it vacuum and dry. When materials are dry enough, turn cone end downward, then completely discharge.

This crystallizer can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. It is mainly used for protecting crystal form of some materials, of which they have high requirements for crystals’ purity in the crystallizing process, from being destroyed, for example, refined naphthalene, borneol, Lithium Hexafluorophosphate, pharmaceutical, etc. Comparing with the traditional crystallizer, blade is unnecessary. Cone head design is for fully discharging.

Due to the particularity of the material, the traditional structure cannot guarantee the sufficiency of the material and uniformity of temperature in the tank, and the crystal form is not good enough. In order to improve the internal structure of traditional crystallization tanks, an internal heating board has been added in the tank to cool material down to a predetermined temperature in a short time. Comparing with the traditional jacket temperature control method, refrigerant is designed to flow through both jacket and internal heating board to optimize temperature control. The internal and external control design can ensure uniform temperature and form efficiently.

Comparing with the traditional double cone type crystallizer, there is no filter plate needed in this equipment. In the vacuum head, we modify the design from traditional horizontal vacuum tube to a rotatable structure with a bent tube. When upward, it can be used for feeding. When it is downward, the supernatant can be extracted from the upper part of the crystal material. The new structure, instead of the original filter plate, can separate material from mother liquid. Due to the bent feed pipe upwards design, the loading coefficient can reach more than 65%, while the traditional horizontal vacuum tube design can reach below 50%.


Specification(L) Diameter of internal tank(φmm) Diameter of jacket(φmm) Heat preservation layer(φmm) Motor power(KW) speed
500L 850 920 60 2.2 5
1000L 1040 1116 60 5.5 4
2000L 1340 1416 60 7.5 4
3000L 1600 1676 60 7.5 4
4000L 1800 1866 60 11 3.2
5000L 2000 2070 60 15 3.2
6000L 2100 2184 60 15 3.2
7000L 2200 2274 60 18.5 2.2
8000L 2300 2380 60 18.5 2.2
10000L 2400 2478 60 18.5 2.2
12000L 2500 2580 60 22 2.2
14000L 2600 2680 60 22 2.2
16000L 2700 2780 60 22 2.2
18000L 2800 2880 60 30 2.2
20000L 2900 2980 60 30 2.2
25000L 3200 3280 60 30 1.5
30000L 3500 3580 60 37 1.5