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Portable Micro-Indentation Tester for mechanical properties and residual stress testing


Micro-indentation Technique  — Mobile Mechanics Laboratory

   1、Tensile property    2、Biaxial residual stress    3、Hardness     4、Fracture toughness etc.

Nondestructive & on-line testing

    -----Wuxi Zhanghua Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd./Jiangsu Gurion High Technology Co. Ltd. is a team aiming to develop into a high-tech enterprise, focusing on the development and sales of portable non-destructive mechanical properties and residual stress testing devices. 

   -----The team independently developed the mechanical properties and residual stress detector based on the indentation method/pressing energy difference method, and designed a variety of supporting fixtures to make the product suitable for different working conditions on site.

   -----The team is currently positioned in the field mechanical properties and residual stress testing industry of energy equipment such as pressure vessels and pressure pipelines

   -----Mainly to domestic third-party testing institutions and first-line production units 

   ------The technology won the Gold Medal of the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions.

   ------To special pressure equipment, long-distance transmission pipelines and remanufacturing major energy equipment as service objectives. 

   ------It can provide first-hand test data for finite element simulation, failure analysis, life evaluation, safety assessment, etc., 

   ------Realize the test support of both safety and economy

   ------Committed to the research and development of mechanical properties and residual stress detector series, related testing technical services.


Safety assessment throughout the manufacturing process

About Portable Micro-Indentation Tester

1、What are the main application areas (testing industries) of indentation testers?

 a, Non-destructive test of on-site pressure vessels and large oil and gas pipelines in-service

 b, On-site inspection of material properties

 c, performance testing of manufacturing process

 d, evaluation of heat treatment

 e, performance testing of in-service components

 f, shutdown maintenance test

 g, aging life assessment

 h, Testing institutions for special pressure-bearing equipment

 i, Large petroleum and petrochemical storage tanks, oil and gas pipelines, nuclear power plants, manufacturer and user of pressure vessels

 j, Full-cycle safety and quality assessment

    1. Accident analysis

    2. On-site inspection and acceptance of original materials

    3. Quality assessment of welding parts

    4. assessment of safe operation

    5. Aging life assessment of materials

    6. Optimize inspection of production process and finished products

2、What can be detected by the equipment?


 -----yield strength

 ------tensile property

 ------Fracture toughness

 ------Biaxial residual stress

 ------Creep condition under high temperature

3、How many testing methods are there for the indentation device?

 ------indentation method

 ------“fast, accurate and simple” tests of mechanical properties and residual stress on site

  Three features:

  1. Small size- as light as 3 kg, and only 30cm high

  2. Small testing point- as deep as 100um

  3. Small damage- as wide as ~200um

4、Can indentation tester be used for all kinds of materials? Are there any materials not applicable?

 --------Metal and some non-metallic materials

5、What are the advantages and disadvantages of the indentation tester compared with traditional equipment?

 --------No need to stop the machine, non-destructive testing with accurate results on site in 10 minutes.

 --------Need to stop the machine and cut specimens for inspection to get accurate results after about 2 days.

6、How to ensure the accuracy of the testing result?

 -------Standard sample verification

 -------Implement domestic and international production, manufacturing, testing, and measurement standards.

 -------Compared with correlation verification testing results of traditional laboratory instruments, deviation is less than 5%.

7、What is the working principle of the tester? How does it measure the hardness and elasticity properties of materials?

 -------By pressing the load and depth curves, an innovative core algorithm model is used to calculate the mechanical performance indicators and parameters.

8、Are there any successful cases of the indentation tester?

 --------It provided the residual stress testing results of metal materials during heating treatment and welding process for many large manufacturers of petroleum and petrochemical equipment to assist their engineering team to optimize the technical solutions.

 --------It helped inspection and testing institutions of special equipment in various provinces and regions to improve their testing reports from multiple levels with more fair, detailed and objective results.

9、Does the indentation tester obtain any testing certificates from authoritative organizations?

 GB/T39635-2020,GB/T21838.1-2019.GB/T 37782-2019

 ISO KS B0950(2002).KS B0951(2005)

 KS ISO/TR 29381(2008).ISO/TR 29381 ANNEX(2008)

 ASME CODE CASE 2703(2011).CODE CASE N-881(2017)

 CSTM T/CSTM 00824(2023),T/CSTM 00825-2023.T/CSTM00826-2023.

10、Can the testing point be so small to ensure the accuracy of the overall product's results? Is it possible that the result of one testing point is with different numerical value from the other points?

 -------Accurate testing and measurement provide objective feedback on the mechanical performance indicators of metal materials.

 -------The characteristics of metal materials are consistent both on the surface and on the inside. By testing the surface mechanical properties, it is theoretically and academically traceable.

 -------If mechanical properties of metal materials on the surface change, its internal microstructure will also suffer similar deformation.

11、Does the indentation tester have its own standard operation process? Is the process for detecting different properties the same?


 -----Equipment in-service--》surface polishing of testing point--》indentation test--》analysis of high throughput

12、What are the specific differences between indentation testers with different configurations?

 --------Different testing functions and module algorithms.

13、What is the service life of the tester? How to repair it if the malfunction occurs?

 -------The whole tester comes with two years’ guarantee.

 -------The ball pressure head can be used about 3000 times.

 -------24-hour online guidance service. Spare parts of the tester can be sent back to the manufacturer for free replacement if the machine is under warranty. If it is not under warranty, standard spare parts can be provided, and charges will be billed at cost.

14、How to choose the appropriate indenter and apply force when using an indentation tester?

 -------Choose mechanical performance indenters or residual stress indenters based on different testing requirements and functions.

 -------According to the operating procedures, the tester needs to be placed on the equipment, and then it will automatically run the test.

15、What should be noted during indentation testing? What are the common mistakes?

 -------There are pre-job trainings, operation manuals, and video guidance.

 -------Precision instruments must be handled with care.

16、What are the functions of the data processing and analysis software for indentation testers?

 ------Show yield strength, tensile property, strain hardening index and residual stress.

17、How to maintain the indentation tester in the daily life? What is the maintenance interval?

 ------Follow the maintenance instruction of the equipment.

 ------Store in a dry, ventilated, shaded, and clean indoor environment.

18、How to ensure the stability of the testing environment during the test?

 -------The tester needs to be fixed on the object and should not be shaken or moved while in operation to avoid damage to sensors and mechanical devices.

19、How to correctly understand the results of indentation testing and evaluate and improve material properties based on the results?

 ---------Professionals in mechanics and materials science

 ---------Optimize material processing and quality evaluation through testing results.

20、What are the development trends of indentation testers in the future?

(1) Test on in-service equipment

(2) Non-destructive testing ensures the safe and efficient operation of equipment.

(3) Safety and quality are the very resource of enterprises.