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The parts in the glass reaction kettle touching with materials can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. The head, heat exchanger, condenser, receiving tank, feeding tank use glass design. The interior layer can carry out mixing reaction after the reaction solvent is put in. Different heat and cold sources (freezing liquid, hot water or hot oil) can pass through the interlayer for circulating heating or cooling reaction. Under constant temperature, mixing reaction can be carried out according to requirements under normal pressure or negative pressure in the sealed glass reactor. In addition, reflowing and distillation of reaction solution can be done. It is the ideal pilot scale experiment equipment and production equipment for modern fine chemical factories, biopharmaceutical industry and new materials synthesis.

1.PTFE and silicon carbide alloy mechanical seals are used to maintain high vacuum degree.
2.Highly efficient condenser is applied to ensure high output.
3.GG3.3 borosilicate glass is used, which has good chemical and physical properties.
4.Hot oil can pass through the glass interlayer connection for heat reaction while freezing liquid is for low temperature reaction.
5.Under normal temperature, tap water can pass through to take reaction heat away quickly.
6.The discharging vent is provided with flange vent and PTFE valve. There is no dead corner in the vessel, so that it is convenient to discharge solid materials.
7.The mixing motor uses digital display frequency conversion control, and is equipped with reducer with enhanced torque.
8.Reasonable structure, exquisite materials. The mechanical structure is mostly made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy components.
9.The reaction kettle is a moveable device. It is provided with Omni-directional wheel that can rise and fall inside the supporting legs. During normal work, the hand wheel can be turned to place the reaction kettle stably on the ground. When it needs to be moved, just screw off the Omni-directional wheel inside the supporting legs through the hand wheel. Not only movement can be realized, but also the equipment can be maintained stable during work.

Equipment installation
The glass reaction kettle includes four parts, frame part, peeling part, connector part and mixing part. The installation is convenient. The detail procedure is shown as follows:
1.Assemble the stainless steel frame according to the standard frame. At this time, do not tighten any inner hexagon stainless steel screw.
2.Adjust the height of the stainless steel frame. Take the actual height of the ground as the standard; tighten all the inner hexagon screws after it is stabilized.
3.Tighten the pulleys at the bottom of the frame, and install the mixing motor part. At this time, do not tighten any inner hexagon screw.
4.Install the reaction kettle. Two people are needed to complete this action. Adjust the horizontal and vertical positions of the reaction kettle.
5.Take out the mixing seal plug and mixing rod, screw off the PTFE cap, fix the mixing seal plug on the flange mixing vent.
6.Install and fix the kettle cover connectors. Hoist the mixing rod and put it into the motor mixing universal joint. Use small size hexagon stainless steel tool to tighten the inner hexagon stainless steel screws.
7.Tighten the screws and connectors. Install the condenser and constant pressure hopper stainless steel supporting rod.
8.On the kettle cover, install condensing reflowing bends and connectors, reflowing pipe and condenser. On the kettle cover, install constant pressure hopper, thermometer casing and glass bleeding valve.
9.Install digital display frequency converter. Then the installation is completed.


Product specification capacity(L) Electrical motor power(kw) Tank working pressure MPa The jacket design pressure MPa Jacket working pressur MPa
Design temperature ℃
Φ450 80 0.37 -0.097/0.097 0.35 0.3 120
Φ500 100 0.37
Φ550 130 0.75
Φ600 170 0.75
Φ650 250 1.1

Note: We can design and manufacture the corresponding sizes according to the requirements of customers.