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V-type high efficient mixer is an international widely used powder and granular materials mixer. It owns advantages as simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning, high speed, good mixing effect, etc. It is an ideal mixing equipment that can be widely used in magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries.

Working principle
It is suitable for mixing the material with good fluidity and the powder with small differences in physical properties. Also it applies to the material with low requirement of mixing ratio and short mixing time. It will not damage the form of the material because the material in the V-type mixer flows smoothly. Therefore, V-type mixer also applies to mix the granular material that is easily broken and easily wearing. And it is suitable for mixing the finer powder, lump and moisture material.
This design absorbs advantages of domestic and foreign similar products. Due to the different material plane and transverse force, it can promote the material with lateral interaction. When the mixer is rotated, the material status is from separation to combination and then from combination to separation. The lateral force makes about 25% of the material from one bucket to another one by each circle. In this way, the material is mixed in transversely and longitudinally, so that the material can reach a very uniform mixing effect.