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Air is provided by centrifugal fan or compressing air in this series of the drying unit. Instead of heating by electricity, the primary filtration system and hot air are heated by air-blower and steam of hot air, with electric heating compensation. In the filtering system it has pre-filter, secondary filter and high efficient filter, which improves the decontamination quality of the hot air and reduces power consumption. High efficient air filter takes micro fiber glass paper as medium, using binder that can bear 0-150℃ to seal and pack, the decontamination degree of 0.5um dust can reach no more than 10 /L, which means high purified quality and exactly meet the low energy consumption and sterile requirements.
This machine uses the new developed three-stream type air sprayer that has a good liquid-air contact, spraying uniformly, helps to achieve sterile operation. It can be easily operated due to its simple structure. The contact of the atmosphere with the pressure spray system and hydraulic pump pillar seal is avoided. Centrifugal atomizer rotating shaft is not easy to be sealed and it is possible that material is stick and left in the centrifugal plate. The whole drying processes should be realized in the purified hot air, which protects the material from secondary pollution, well guarantees the sterile condition for material during the drying process, meet the GMP request.