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The fully sealed production flow in the pharmaceutical production is the best production mode that is always sought by medicine manufacturers. In this mode, the medicine production flow is not influenced by the outside or any artificial impurities, pollution, etc. Then medicine quality can be effectively ensured and production’s environmental influence is the least. The parts touching with materials can be made from SS304, SS316L, Ti, Hastelloy, PTFE lined or other materials. This kind of production mode conforms to the development trend of clean production in the world. To meet the need of sealed production flow, our company has developed the small-sized units for small scale and pilot scale experiments.
It is hard for the traditional shipping method of bulk materials to ensure sterile requirement during the loading or unloading process between conveying vessels (boxes, tanks or PE bags) and production equipment (driers, mixers, bulk loaders, etc.).

1. The production system flow is fully sealed. As the innovative application of the fully sealed material delivery system can fully realize the fully sealed production flow from crystallizing till the end of packaging. The equipment is a system operating under the fully closed status, and the production flow meets GMP requirements better.
2. Safe and environmentally friendly. As the production system is operated under the fully closed status, the pollution of the solvent during production to the operating environment can be completely avoided. Meanwhile, the occurrence of poisoning accident of operators because of contact with noxious materials can be reduced. This advantage becomes more important today with increasingly higher appeal for environmental protection and labor protection.
3. High medicine output rate and complete recovery of solvents. As the whole production system is operated under the fully closed status, the materials and solvents can be fully recycled, avoiding waste caused by material loss, material staying and solvent volatilization. It can bring great economic benefit, especially when the materials disposed and solvents used have high value.
4. High automation degree and easy to master. The flow is carried out in several sections with complete safety measures. The operators can operate the machine after receiving basic training, and the work intensity is greatly reduced.
5. Thorough cleaning of materials can be completed. The filter cake can be mixed again during the washing operation of the equipment, so that the filter cake can be thoroughly cleaned.
7. Clean production. The multifunctional filtering and drying equipment can be operated under fully closed status. It is equipped with dust collector, which is used to collect dust produced during drying and can meet the production and operation requirements for high cleanliness.


Product specification capacity(L) Filter area(㎡) Mixing storke(mm) Electrical motor power(kw)
Φ450 80 0.15 120 0.75
Φ500 100 0.2 120 0.75
Φ550 130 0.24 120 1.1
Φ600 170 0.28 150 2.2
Φ650 250 0.4 150 2.2


1. First close the whole unit system. Fill aseptic inert gas (such as N2 gas) for protection. Add the crystallizing liquid to the three-in-one unit through the automatic valve from the crystallizer, and close the feeding valve until certain volume is reached.
2. Add inert gas and increase the pressure to realize the separation of solid and liquid of the crystallizing liquid through the metal filtering plate at the bottom.
3. After the separation of solid and liquid of the crystallizing liquid, spray and wash the filter cake.
4. After washing, lower the mixing device for mixing through the hydraulic pressure device, and heat the materials layer through the heating pipe system for mixing, chassis and tank. Carry out vacuum pumping operation while heating and drying, in order to make solvents evaporate rapidly. At the same time, start the vacuum filter on automatic operation and guarantee normal ventilation of the vacuum system.
5. After the drying degree of materials’ layer is acceptable (through sampling inspection or automatic process analysis PAT), stop the vacuum and enter the automatic discharging procedure.
6. Automatic discharging: Lower the mixing device, control the mixing rotation speed and mixing blade slowing the speed to scrape and feed material. Quickly discharge the powder materials into the material-receiving barrel. Cover the material-receiving barrel that is loaded with materials in the glove box. Lean the equipment to thoroughly discharge the materials that cannot be discharged by blades. This can solve the problem of not thorough discharging in the traditional three-in-one equipment.