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Silicon carbide heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger using silicon carbide ceramic material as heat transfer medium.Silicon carbide heat exchanger is an ideal choice for its acid and alkali corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength, high thermal conductivity and other properties.Suitable for high concentration sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, mixed acid, sodium hydroxide, gas containing bromine and hydrogen bromide;Mainly used for heating, evaporation, cooling, condensation and heat recovery of materials.

1、 Excellent thermal conductivity of SiC

2、 Corrosion resistance of SiC

 corrosive medium



 corrosion rate 


corrosion rate 


 98% H2SO4
 54% HF

3、Characteristics of SiC Heat exchanger

      Excellent thermal conductivity

      Widely corrosion resistance ability

      Abrasion and erosion resistance, medium can with high speed

      Good mechanical properties

      No risk of contamination to medium

4、Our advantages for SiC Heat exchanger

      Patent technology

      Multiple choice for tubesheet,sigle tubesheet&multi-tubesheets,sigle tubesheet for commen condition, multi-tubesheets(Patent) significantly improves tube-plate rigidity, and greatly reduces the risk of leakage when under high temperature and high pressure

      With solution of vibration and fracture to SiC tubes

      Special design greatly reduces possible leakage points

      Active leak prevention technology. the heat exchanger can still run normally even slight leakage happens to the gasket

      Can be an independently heat exchanger , also can be used as internal parts

      Experienced heat transfer calculation ability and research team

      Strong technical team of anticorrosive equipment

      Quick response after sales service

5、Main application of SiC Heat exchanger

6、Main material choice of SiC Heat exchanger

      Corrosion side: glass-lined, plastic lining, glass reinforced plastics

      Service side: carbon steel, stainless steel, enamel, lining plastic, fiberglass


7、Shortcomings of other Heat exchangers

  Shortcomings for glass-lined heat exchanger

    Shortcomings for graphite Heat exchanger

    Shortage of fluoroplastic Heat exchanger

Friendly reminder,each kind of anticorrosive material heat exchanger has its irreplaceable side, users needs to choose the best kind according to the process conditions.