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When any solution is steamed in the evaporator, secondary steam generated cannot be used any more, and the solution cannot be put in the second evaporator to concentrate, which means that only one evaporator can be used to complete evaporating operation, and it is called “single-effect evaporator”. If secondary steam is used for several times to evaporate, then it is usually called “multi-effect evaporation”. Actually multi-effect evaporator is series connection of several single-effect evaporators, but the series connection is divided into three forms, parallel flow, contra-flow and advection.

The equipment is applicable to recycling of industrial organic solvent (such as alcohol), including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, glucose, wine brewing, starch, oral liquid, food, chemical industry, etc. It can be used in the low temperature vacuum concentration of heat sensitive substances with small batches and large varieties.

Equipment characteristics
1. Recycle alcohol: Large recycling capacity. Vacuum operation method is applied, and it improves the process flow of the device. The productivity can be 5-10 times higher than the similar equipment in old style while energy consumption could be reduced 30%. It is the energy saving equipment with small investment and high recovery benefit.
2. Concentrated liquid: The equipment applies the combination of external heating natural cycling mode and vacuum negative pressure evaporating mode, with instant evaporation and great concentration ratio up to 1.3. The liquid materials are concentrated without foam under the completely sealed status. The liquid medicine concentrated from this equipment has no pollution and strong flavor of medicine, and the cleaning is convenient. (Just open the upper covers of the heater.) The operation is simple, and the area needed is small. The equipment looks beautiful as its heater and evaporator uses stainless steel thermal insulation structure, and the insulating layer is made from stainless steel plates. The touching parts between this equipment and liquid are made from high quality stainless steel, in accordance with GMP medicine standard.