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“Two in One"(filtering and washing) Equipment (DN1000-DN3000)

Product Description:

Model NO.: DN1000-DN3000

"Two in One"(filtering and washing) equipment is simplified based on "three in One" equipment, and it is mainly made to solve the problems, such as flammable, explosive, labor intensity, big loss of working procedure, etc.

The Principle of Design: A. The whole vessel is designed and made according to pressure vessel standard.
B. It can work in the closed environment in the whole process.
C. At the filtering stage, it mainly relied on vacuum on the bottom part of vessel. In order to improve the filtering efficiency, pressure can be brought in the vessel, but generally no more than 0.1 MPa.
D. After the filter cake is dried, it’s in high density, so the S-type blade looses the filter cake though the anticlockwise rotation, ascending and descending.
E. At the washing stage, the materials in the vessel can be totally washed though the clockwise rotation, up and down by the S-type blades.
F. The bottom plate and the vessel are designed removable.
G. Filter cloth, non-woven cloth and sintering net can be used as the medium of filtration. H. Products are discharged through S-type blades automatically from the side discharge outlet.
I. Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the agitator are driven by motor reducing gear.