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Double-Cone Rotary Vacuum Drying Units

This series of products is one of the equipment that be researched and developed and been transferred by Shanghai Medical Industry Institute, mainly applicable for drying all kinds of granular materials, such as antibiotics, crystal, in the pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Fuzhou Antibiotic Factory (whose products exported to America) has already used this kind of equipment in 1985 and it has met the GMP production requirement and passed the FDA inspection in USA.

Main features of double-cone rotary vacuum drying units:
△ The cone angle is designed as 60° which prevents materials from pilling during rotary process, and avoids powder retention during discharging.
△ Equipped with 2 sets (3 sets for big types) brakes, which makes the vessel stop in any angle effectively.
△ Equipped with Inching device, which makes the vessel exactly stop in any angle wanted and guarantee the high-value materials unloaded steadily and credibility.
△ Equipped with low-temperature condensation system, which can recover evaporated solvent at the same time of vacuum drying, and also improve the working condition of the vacuum pump.
△ There are three layers in the vessel, all made from ICr8Ni9Ti, and jacket in the middle is for hot water circulation. To prevent stainless steel and carbon steel from producing static corrosion, the jacket must be made from stainless steel, and the outer layer uses fiberglass cotton for heat preservation.
△ High concentric degree of two shafts: less than 12um for 1000L or below, less than 16um for 1000L to 3000L, less than 18um for 3500L to 5000L.
△ Good stability: The whole frame is welded together with channel steel and carbon steel, outside covered with stainless steel plates.
△ Good sealing performance: concentric degrees of shaft are controlled well, both ends use mechanical seal.
△ Good rigidity: Both ends of the cone are welded together with the cone vessel as a whole. It is not easy to be deformed.
△ Steady transmission: The whole unit is driven by the electrical motor, reducer, big and small gears, which enables the unit run more stably and reliably.
△ Mounted with CIP and SIP device.

This system can be operated easily with reliable performance, and it can work in the asepsis environment, which makes it as the only excellent product that has passed the FDA inspection and met the requirement of GMP.