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Sterile Dn800 Mixing Drier

Product Description:

Model NO.: DN800

This “Three in One" equipment can replace the filtering and drying equipment at the same time (such as: vacuum filter, pressure filter, Double-cone Drying machine and drying box...etc.). It completes the whole process of filtering, washing, drying, solid discharging in the same equipment. It is widely applied in the industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical engineering, agrochemical, food, etc. It is the most ideal equipment for filtering and drying. What’s more, it can realize the continuous operation without air, and even more suitable for producing sterile and poisonous products.

Equipment: "Three in One" equipment of our company are domestically designed and manufactured according to design principle of Delta Company from Italy and JHP Company from Korea. The structure is more reasonable and reliable after adapting to domestic supporting in the combination with foreign companies’ features, and all the units are more standardized, which can compare favorably with the imported equipment.

Filter stage: the separation of filter cake and mother liquid. The thickness of filter cake can reach 500 mm.

Washing stage: further purification of filter cake, rinse and dehydration of mother liquid remained. Mix the lotion and the filter cake via up and down of agitator by layers to make the filter cake slurry finally, then the filter cake can get the full wash.

a. Main material: AISI304 or 316 L silicon carbide
Materials of rubber rings: Fluorin rubber, Silicon rubber
Materials of bellows: AISI304 or 316 L (imported from Japan)
Sealing type: each seal point was provided with a double line seal.

b. Agitator shaft: solid or hollow. The solid shaft is used when materials are not needed heated. The hollow shaft with revolving joints is used when materials are needed heated, which provides access for heated medium.

c. The blade type: two leafs or three leafs with the scraper or without the scraper. It can heat the material if needed. The leaf of the agitation has the forms, such as circular-tube form and triangle... etc.

Drying stage: Dehydrating and drying the filter cake. Agitator will scrape filter cake loose by layers while the sidewall; the bottom of filter plate and agitator will heat the filter cake at the same time. Moreover, The vacuum inside the equipment will accelerate the evaporating speed; the entered hot nitrogen will take away the damp and accelerate the speed of desiccation.

Bottom plate structure:

Main material: AISI304 or 316L

Material of filter plate: sintered plate or filter cloth(from 5 um to 50 um according to the requirements of clients)

Dead angle of filter cloth: 25mm single side

Flatness degree of single plate: ±1mm/m

A: The fixed bottom plate is welded on the vessel and has heating system for heating and drying.

B: The removable bottom plate: clipping the two pieces of flanges with clamps in order to seal completely. The bottom plate can be removed and landed by hydraulic cylinder. There are wheels under the bottom plate to help to wash filtering board. The bottom plate has the heating system with two types: flowing heating and pipe heating. The filter plate is fixed with stud bolts under the bottom plate, which makes filter plate balanced. There is no stud bolt in the part of connecting with product.

a. Stir through clockwise and anticlockwise rotation:

1. The agitator shaft is driven by gearbox and motor. And inverter can adjust the rotating speed.

2. The rotation, up and down of the agitator are driven by Hydraulic system and regulating valve controls the speed. Stir up and down. Up and down of the bottom is also driven by Hydraulic system. The pump can be controlled by hand or by electric or by pneumatic.

B. Reducer uses products of SEW Co. from Germany

C. Rotation speed: be controlled in the range of 0-20 rpm/min by inverter, containing a safety device.

Main features:

A. Economical energy: The electrical engineering power is small (big speed ratio of Gear Box: I = 46.3)

B. CIP and SIP; sterile by steam (122℃)

C. Double-line 0-rings for seal between bottom plate and vessel, no dead angle, "GMP" designs are suitable for sterilizing and cleaning, attaining an ideal sealing effect.

D. Reduce the labor strength of operators, and avoid the pollution of the product, meeting "GMP" request.