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U-shape Vacuum Drier

The U-shape mixing vacuum drier is one of the main drying equipment that make various antibiotics, crystal and other granular materials in pharmaceutical and the chemical industries. It is especially applicable to drying strong adhesive material.

Main Structure features:

1.U-shape vacuum drier has a jacket to conduct heat. Its slot cover can open automatically and heat at the same time. There is a hollow agitator which can conduct heat inside the vessel, and this agitator rotates clockwise and anticlockwise, then the material inside the vessel will fully accept heated during forced mixing, speeding up the evaporation, and take away the steam through vacuuming to dry.
2.The equipment’s inside, jacket and heat insulation are all made from SUS 304 or 316 L stainless steel, both inside and outside walls are all polished, not only easier to clean to meet the sterile requirement of medicine, but also helping the heat conduction, shorten the drying time.
3. The equipment has bigger area for conducting heat. (Compared with the double-cone rotary vacuum dryer, it has over 1/3 more areas for conducting heat, with 70% loading capacity, 50% drying time less). It has high heat conduction coefficient, small covering area, and lots of other advantages.
4. Low operation cost, compared with other dries, whose power needed is 40% lower.
5. It is suitable for treatment of raw materials of high moisture.

Currently the main specification of U-shape mixing vacuum driers is 2 m3 in the dimension 3383 X 1950 X 3100 mm (length X width X height). We will further improve this series of products in the future. Welcome new and regular customers and colleagues from all the circles come to guide!